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Jinan Power Department steadily improve the quality of marketing network
Update time:2015-08-05 │ Click:

In order to achieve the steady growth of remanufacturing products sales, Jinan Power Department to "enhance sales" as the theme, the development of "backbone marketing network" as the main line, and constantly strengthen the marketing network and marketing services, steadily improve the quality of marketing network.

In the marketing network construction, in order to further expand the marketing channels, expand market share, Jinan Power Department from three aspects of the marketing network was optimized and stable. First, in the mature areas of the marketing network to do fine, stronger, pay more attention to the development of independent distribution network, focusing on the development of brand franchise stores. Second, focus on strengthening the marketing network members of the unit coverage assessment, targeted to increase the "blind and blank areas" of the network construction. Third, in accordance with the supplement, promotion, differentiation, elimination of the main line of continuous network optimization to enhance the completion of sales within three years to complete the sales capacity of ultra-million steel marketing network.

In the marketing services, Jinan Power Department to strengthen the "supply --- --- --- --- after-sales service," the integration of the warehouse management system platform construction, not only to achieve the goods into the library, the library, the documents and Report the system automation processing, reduce personnel operations to bring the mistakes, but also to achieve the sales management of the classification, sub-attributes, sub-batch management. At the same time through the system platform to achieve the sharing of information, users and suppliers can intuitively grasp the inventory information and delivery progress, you can make real-time evaluation of after-sales service staff, the company side can be the first time through the platform to answer the customer's After-sales service questions, this saves the cost of the traditional telephone charges, shorten the time, but also to achieve a direct user dialogue.

In the marketing and publicity, Jinan Power Department with the characteristics of the times, launched the "heavy truck complex power" WeChat public marketing platform, the platform and the company's Web site synchronization, so that users through the mobile phone WeChat account can be received in time by heavy heavy power Push the latest information on the remanufacturing industry and the complex dynamic company, the engine maintenance and vehicle maintenance knowledge and other aspects of information, and through the client directly into the company's Web site to browse the company product information, enhance user acceptance, so as to attract More potential customers.

                                                                                                                                                     Li Qingyi Shi Yongxing