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Interview with Chairman of Sinotruk Group Jinan Fuqiang Power Co., Ltd. Hu Bo Kang
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1, what is the reason for the company decided to carry out the car engine remanufacturing?
Hu Bo Kang: Speaking of this reason, it really is to return to 20 years ago. At that time it was the automobile industry transformation period, heavy truck production and sales year by year. Group management believes that, in addition to improving product quality and expand product market share, but also should learn from foreign advanced experience, improve after-sales service level, improve after-sales service system. After repeated expert demonstration, we set up in 1994, Jinan Fuqiang Power Co., Ltd., then, no one told us that called "remanufacturing", but we are really doing this business.
2, the company's remanufacturing business began to engage in technology research and development or at the same time to market?
Hu Bokang: Since the beginning of the creation of Fu Qiang to the present, we always adhere to technology research and development and product promotion synchronization. Whether in the early days of the establishment, we and the British ListerPetter joint venture, they are in the capital, technology, market development and so on to provide us with support. Or since then we and the National Remanufacturing Key Laboratory to establish long-term cooperative partnership, and hired Xu Binshi academician as our company's technology consultant. We have followed the technology and product synchronization such a development concept. After five years of exploration, we have established a "high-tech as the support, combining production and research, both circular and economic, independent innovation of China's new manufacturing industry model."
3, then there is no domestic "remanufacturing" concept, as the first domestic re-manufacturing, the company in the past in the manufacture of what kind of problems encountered, and finally how to solve?
Hu Bokang: As I said earlier, in the people do not know "remanufacturing" why, Fuqiang is indeed engaged in a very uncertain career. Because the first, no previous experience to follow; second, when the foreign remanufacturing information known little domestic can not learn, so can only feel the stones across the river.
We were mainly faced with such a number of problems, one is to create technology research and development problems, the second is to create a professional equipment design procurement problems, the third is the manufacturing technology training problems, four is remanufacturing product marketing problems. At that time the complex strong, in terms of human and financial resources are in the initial stage, so we can only in the more difficult conditions of self-reliance. For example, technical aspects, we set up a special technical research team, so that experienced veterans in command from the manufacturing process to start, disassemble to the cleaning, machining and then to the assembly of a complex technical research, master First - hand information. After a long period of accumulation, the technical aspects of the basic can meet the requirements of remanufacturing and through the technical quality system certification. Later, we cooperate with Xu Binshi academician, to overcome the re-manufacturing professional equipment applications and surface repair difficult technical difficulties. Here I would like to point out that the remanufacturing products to the market, reinforcements step by step in doing.
 4, do you think the current domestic development of the re-manufacturing industry should be the first few areas to break through, such as talent, technology, management, etc., which aspects can learn from foreign experience?
Hu Bo Kang: Remanufacturing industry after so many years of development, the current should be in the following three aspects of a breakthrough. First of all, should break through the traditional manufacturing market operation of the inherent mode of thinking, in line with the characteristics of remanufacturing products market system. The second is to break the social and consumer tradition of consumer attitudes, and establish a remanufactured product brand value and recognition. The third is to break through the shackles of backward policy, and actively offer advice and suggestions to the country, to improve or introduce the promotion of remanufacturing industry development of favorable policies and related laws and regulations.
From the beginning of 2009, China Automotive Industry Association of auto parts remanufacturing branch of the re-manufacturing enterprises have conducted several foreign remanufacturing industry inspection, so that we have a good harvest.
First, the re-manufacturing market in Europe and America, the degree of prosperity and consumer awareness of the re-manufacturing products, the impression is very deep. On the one hand, we can learn from the concept and method of market operation of foreign re-manufacturing enterprises to improve the domestic re-manufacturing market activity; on the other hand, we learn from foreign mature experience, how to improve consumer confidence in remanufacturing products Big help.
Second, we can foreign advanced new remanufacturing technology for localized transplantation, reduce production costs, to mention product quality. Third, foreign re-manufacturing industry for many favorable policies, the role of industry associations for our control is also very inspiring.
5, as a re-manufacturing enterprises are more dependent on the country's preferential policies, tax reform system?
Hu Bo Kang: Yes! At present, re-manufacturing enterprises in order to better and faster development, we must rely on the country's industry preferential policies. Such as the old machine recovery tax credits, the user to buy remanufactured products, etc., which have to rely on national policy support. China from the beginning of 2005, has introduced a lot to promote the development of remanufacturing industry policies and laws and regulations. Such as the establishment of the first batch of circular economy pilot units, the first and second batch of re-manufacturing pilot units, promulgated the "Circular Economy Promotion Law", 11 ministries jointly issued "on the promotion of remanufacturing industry development views", " Pilot work notice ", promulgated" remanufacturing unit quality and technical control norms (Trial) "and so on, enterprises should seize such a good opportunity, serious and practical to further promote the manufacturing work. Of course, there are some deep-seated problems and contradictions, which requires the relevant government departments and enterprises to work together to solve.
6, do you think the current domestic remanufacturing in what kind of state, the next 10 years, China's manufacturing industry will be what kind of change?
Hu Bo Kang: This issue is more macro, and I developed from Fuqiang nearly 20 years of history, the current domestic manufacturing in a booming period. You see, "eighteen" report which vigorously develop the ecological civilization industry, circular economy law, as well as the state have introduced the industrial policy, which are the country's attention to industry, industry booming performance. Many of the new remanufacturing companies are springing up and growing fast.
In recent years, re-manufacturing industry output value, product range, practitioners are in a ladder-like growth, which is gratifying results. But we should see the challenge in addition to seeing development. Remanufacturing industry is still facing many challenges, at the key technical level, the current stage of the technical reserves can not meet the rapid expansion of the various remanufacturing industry multi-level needs; in the remanufacturing model level, many domestic enterprises simply apply foreign size repair mode and change Repair mode, the Chinese characteristics of the "size recovery, performance improvement" model lack of knowledge; in the pilot platform level, the laboratory research and development of key technologies without pilot, directly used in the production line, affecting the production efficiency and reliability.
In addition, in the preparation of industrial planning, in the improvement of industry-related laws and regulations, in the formulation of economic policy, in the establishment of the regulatory system, in the construction of the standard system, the government departments have a lot of ink. Another point, I have been advocating to the industry self-discipline, which is not only responsible for the community and consumers, but also responsible for their own business.
As for the next 10 years of change, I think this is some far away. I can foresee the end of the second five, in the completion of the national remanufacturing industry planning under the premise of re-manufacturing enterprises to break through 200, for the community to provide nearly 100,000 jobs. Development potential is huge, the prospects are very broad. In addition, remanufacturing from the "doll" start, Fuqiang has become the country's first batch of circular education demonstration base, to the twelfth and last five, the community and consumers for the degree of awareness of remanufacturing products will be greatly improved, Take the initiative to buy remanufactured products. I think this should be the biggest gain it.