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Sinotruk Group Jinan Fuqiang Power Co., Ltd. live interview
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October 23, Qilu environmental protection journalists and his party in the provincial people's Congress Construction Committee, the provincial letter by the letter, Zhang Qiu Ming water economic development zone and other leaders, accompanied by the China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Jinan complex Power Co., Ltd. on-site interviews.
In the interview process, the public daily newspaper, Shandong TV station, Qilu Evening News, People's Rights News, Shandong People's Congress work magazine, joint daily newspaper and other news media reporters and his party visited the remanufacturing engine exhibition and dismantling workshop, machining workshop, assembly workshop, Workshop and other production sites, general manager of the powerful power of Wang De forward to the reporter group introduced the development process of the complex power company, and then manufacture the engine variety, performance and remanufacturing technology applications, the engine remanufacturing process in detail. In Shandong TV on China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Jinan Fuqiang Power Co., Ltd. to take any technical means to ensure the quality and quality of remanufacturing engine, Wang De, former general manager said: remanufacturing industry is the country and the country, in China is also emerging Industry, the past few years by the state, provincial and municipal leaders of the high degree of concern, complex power as a national circular economy pilot units and auto parts remanufacturing association chairman units, through 20 years of development, with many institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions , Joint remanufacturing technology research and development, to speed up the remanufacturing of new technology in the production process of the application, effectively guarantee the quality of remanufacturing engine continued to improve. Through the visit to the remanufacturing production site, the journalist team and his party on the strong power over the years committed to the engine re-manufacturing industry's dedication and the effect of praise.