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China 's heavy truck remanufacturing engine to participate in the Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Show
Update time:2015-12-21 │ Click:

Recently, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Jinan Fuqiang power to bring the engine and high-pressure pumps, air compressors, generators, superchargers and other parts manufacturing products debut at the Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Show.
As a member of the China Automotive Industry Association Auto Parts Remanufacturing Branch, the China National Heavy Duty Truck Jinan Nanqiang Power is remanufacturing product structure, remanufacturing technology innovation and key technology application ability, remanufacturing product quality control system and parts remanufacturing Use and other aspects of key research, and gradually explore a "high-tech as the support, combining production and research, both circular and economic, independent innovation," the new model of China's remanufacturing industry.
During the exhibition, Fuqiang power through the remanufacturing product display, picture publicity and other forms of domestic and foreign auto parts business, the user focused on the country "trade-in" related policies, remanufacturing products and new products, advantages and disadvantages, and then manufacturing Product structure and technical advantages and other content, by the domestic and foreign auto parts business generally recognized and highly praised, the scene of a number of domestic and foreign auto parts business cooperation intention. Through this exhibition show, not only to improve the China National Heavy Duty Truck Group remanufacturing products, the international influence, but also for the follow-up to enter the international market has laid a good foundation.