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Fuqiang company selected industrial and information technology department of mechanical and electrical products manufacturing unit
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February 20, 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued "mechanical and electrical products remanufacturing pilot units list (second batch)" notice, Fu strong company successfully selected. The document clearly indicated that it would support the pilot units to enhance the level of remanufacturing technology and equipment, participate in the formulation of remanufacturing related technology, technology and product standards, encourage the pilot units to apply for remanufacturing products, and actively declare green manufacturing, industrial transformation and upgrading and technological transformation funds, Special construction funds.

Fuqiang company after nearly 20 years of technical research and market development has been formed to remanufacturing Steyr engine-based, at the same time according to market and customer demand for the user to provide the required model of remanufacturing engine.

In the technical aspects of a mature engine remanufacturing process. The production process fully reflects the clean production awareness, the old pieces into the plant to establish a rigorous identification procedures, and then manufacturing process to achieve advanced professional production, and in the national re-manufacturing key laboratory support for the creation of advanced surface remanufacturing Technology of industrialization practice, initially built with Chinese characteristics of advanced engine remanufacturing system.

In the market development, learn from the mature experience of foreign industry, combined with China's auto repair and parts market, the actual establishment of a set of suitable for China to carry out auto parts remanufacturing market sales and service logistics system.

Through the mechanical and electrical products remanufacturing pilot work, and strive to build a strong domestic first-class, the world's advanced engine remanufacturing enterprises, so that the manufacture of engine products in the main technical performance and safety and quality to achieve the prototype of the new machine requirements, Ranking the world leading engine remanufacturing industry leading level.