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Company Culture
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Enterprise's goal

Built a century Foundation of a world-class

The core idea of the enterprise

Scientific development rational management

Careful operation to achieve the best benefits

Corporate values

With character to create quality

Dedication to society with fine

Corporate philosophy

complete in one step

Step by step

Corporate purposes

Adhere to the people-oriented

Integrity Sinotruk

Corporate behavior concept

Everyone is the image

Everything attached to the benefits

Entrepreneurial spirit

Long history of gas fight for the quality of excellence

Business motto

Always keep clear rational, never mind fever;

Always keep unity and struggle, never complacent slack;

Always keep thrift, never extravagant waste.

Enterprise character shaping the four commandments

Do not make friends of injustice

Do not be illogical

No words of injustice

Do not be unjust

China National Heavy Duty Truck

Started the Chinese card to sing the heavy car song, when the heavy heavy truck artificial heavy car

Conscientiously responsible for scientific and pragmatic, reform and innovation forge ahead

Constantly deny yesterday to scientifically arrange today to bravely innovate tomorrow

Dry on the dry boutique, fight for the first fight

Everyone is a talent, post to create talent

Let life in the ordinary post to sublimation

User satisfaction is our endless pursuit